-- Based in Salt Lake City, but traveling throughout the world, Tim Gibbons specializes in documentary and news magazine content. For over nineteen years now Tim has been shooting images professionally on video as well as film. He has shot for virtually every national and cable television network - ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic. He has experience shooting on all major formats including 35mm, 16mm, BetaSP, HDCam, DVCPro HD, miniDV and HDV. Tim's dedication to the craft, talent and experience are exactly what today's field producers are looking for.

In motion picture production, budget and scheduling can be the greatest of challenges. Tim’s years of experience have taught him how to maximize production value by working quickly and efficiently while capturing striking and compelling images. Perhaps Tim's greatest quality is a deep sense of ownership in the material he produces. Nothing is ever "phoned in". Tim works for the producer and the project, not the pay-check.

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, creative cameraman who can light and shoot for the edit, please contact us at the phone number or email link below. You may also request a full resolution copy of the Gibbons Videography demo reel on BetaSP or DVD:


Finally, if you are part of a humanitarian organization or are interested in his extensive work in this field, please follow this link.